Sunshine of Istanbul

৳ 1,500 ৳ 1,200

A Day Time City Landscape in old Istanbul City.

Painting: Oil on Canvas.
This artwork is framed.
Original Art Work.
Artwork signed by the artist.
No Reproduction, Only One Copy.

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Sunshine of Istanbul.
Istanbul is one of the busiest cities in the world. The great city has its own traditions and tragic history.
There was a time when the greatest Sultans of the world used to rule the world sitting, tight inside this fort situated in Istanbul, Many years passed by. Once the sultans and sultanas used to stand on the roof of this foot and soaked themselves in beautiful sunshine and heavy rain in peace. They have created unimaginable examples of love even in the midst of the intrigues and murders happening inside the fort. Now people of this city are so busy that they don’t have the time to bathe themselves in this beautiful sunshine. Yet the sun still shines here but there no one to soak themselves in. It remains alone today.

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