Linc Pentonic - Multicolor Pen Set - 10 Pcs

৳ 200

Linc Multicolor Pen

  • Ultra-low Viscosity
  • Sleek Matte Finish
  • Featherlite Feel

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Linc Multicolor Pen


  • FEATURE: The flawlessly engineered ball ensures smooth ink flow for easy writing pleasure. The pen glides across the page with comfort for an incredibly smooth writing experience. Regulated ink supply avoids blobbing and scratching.
  • PERFORMANCE: Efficient design that’s simple and trusted. Legendary barrel for simple, functional, iconic design and maximum efficiency. Pen steel tip point designed for a nice, solid, smooth line for precision writing.

  • INK: The proven ultra-smooth ink technology allows ink to write smoothly and cleanly. High super-durable original pen with long writing ink to write for longer-lasting length. It eliminates smears and smudges, works well.
  • APPLICATION: The pen is great for home, classes, office, business, kids, adults, children, artist, school, nursery, general, gift set. Ideal for jotting, noting, drawing, sketching, or writing.
  • PACK: The pack has greatly improved the quality of the pen. The quality of the external and internal material is good with the newly developed advanced ink, writing more smoothly, and a pen you can use for a long time.
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  • Imported from India

LINC Pentonic MULTI COLOURS Smooth Ballpoint Pens Drawing Pack


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