Hot Glue Gun 40W - 1 Free Glue Stick

৳ 250

  • Includes 1 Glue Sticks
  • Ideal for metal, glass, wood, and other surfaces
  • Insulated nozzle
  • A full-sized glue gun has a comfortable grip
  • Power: 40 watts
  • AC:100~240V
  • Colour: Blue

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Hot melt easily to use a multi-purpose glue gun for almost all bonding jobs of any office and house. Trigger-feed for even glue flow Perfect for home repairs, hobbies, and crafts lower temperature for delicate materials and safety two-finger trigger for better control. Re-attaching bookbinding or covers without stitching. Repair umbrellas whose spines have separated from the material other features, 2 glue sticks absolutely free with this product plug in the gun. Load the glue sticks into the back of the gun. Press trigger several times until the glue stick is firmly set into the inlet tube to allow the glue gun to warm up for approximately 5 minutes squeeze the trigger until glue flows from the nozzle.


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