Doms X1 Best Class Geometry Box

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Details:    Doms mathematical instrument box is a great companion for school going kids. The geometry instrument box for kids has instruments like compass, divider, protractor, set squares, half-length pencil and more to help them achieve excellence in their class work.


Key Features

  • The plastic used in ruler, protractor and set square are made of high transparency plastic and comes with marking for easy reading and accurate drawing
  • Both divider and compass are made with non rusting material
  • Strong material to last and remain in shape and shine
  • Every instrument is designed and developed by us with all safety measures for its used
  • Doms mathematical instrument box in your hand is a result of our excellent craftsmanship and R & D


Brand – Doms

Type – Instrument Box

Age – 5 to 12 Years

Box Dimension – 21 x 8.5 x 2.5 cm


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